Never held a camera before underwater?

You remember the terms white balance or aperture but can't remember what they are for?

Or did you just upgraded your entire camera system and would like some assistance in the transition making the best of your new setup?

We got you.

All our courses are custom made to your wishes, we have knowledge about macro, wide angle DSLR and digital full frame systems.

Just as easy can we teach you how to use your iPhone in an underwater housing and get the best shots out of it.

Just let us know what you need.

Introduction to UW photography

Have you never held a camera before? Do you have no idea if you would like to invest in a camera system?
Try an introduction, we bring the camera, you bring yourself.
Short theory briefing and 1 dive

$ 120,-

Mobile device photography

Turn your smartphone into a high end, underwater photo and video device!
Complete photography courses for smartphones and mobile devices.
Course consists out of a theory session and an optional dive

$ 150,-

1/2 day course

Consists out of a theory session,
this will be based on your existing knowledge and building on this we'll expand what you already know.
Optional dive to be added

$ 150,-

Full day course

Would you like more time?
Maybe start editing your photos with our help?

Book a full-day course.

It's a theory session and a dive, afterward we'll have more time to review the footage, get you started in the editing process, or do another dive.

$ 250,-